What Does FMQ Mean In Quilting?

What does FMQ mean in quilting

Do you know what FMQ stands for? Are you ready to take your quilting skills to the next level with FMQ? You can discover the endless possibilities of custom designs and patterns by using FMQ! Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced quilter, FMQ offers the freedom to bring your imagination to life and create … Read more

What does Layer Cake mean in Quilting?

What does layer cake mean in Quilting?

A layer cake is not only a delicious and mouth-watering dessert but it is also used in quilting. Sounds weird? Huh. Layer Cakes are a savory stack of 10×10 pre-cut fabric squares to transform your creativity into an appealing quilt. Usually, these bundles come in a variety of coordinating colors and patterns, perfect for crafting … Read more

What does WOF mean in quilting?

What does WOF mean in Quilting?

WOF is the must-know slang or acronym for all quilters! From beginner to pro, understanding WOF is essential for creating stunning and precise quilts. WOF stands for ‘width of fabric’ and is a term every quilter should know. It is the key to unlocking your fabric’s full potential and creating stunning quilts that will be … Read more

What does UFO mean in Quilting?

UFOs may not always be the mysterious and enigmatic unidentified flying objects soaring through the sky, because in quilting UFO stands for unfinished objects. These unfinished quilting projects, also known as “unfinished objects,” can be a source of frustration and disappointment if they’re not completed, and may even end up getting “trashed” just like an … Read more

Who Invented Quilting? – Some Interesting Facts

Who Invented Quilting

Quilting is the process of sewing together small pieces of fabric into a larger piece. The word “quilt” derives from the Latin “Culcita,” which means “a stuffed sack.” The word “quilt” was first used in English in the 14th century to refer to a padded or stuffed garment or padded bedcovering used for warmth.  Before … Read more