What does FAT Quarter mean in Quilting?

What does FAT Quarter mean in Quilting?

Are you new to quilting and curious about FAT Quarters? Look no further! A FAT Quarter is a pre-cut piece of fabric that is cut to 18 inches by 22 inches, perfect for quilting projects and adding a touch of variety to your designs. In order to take your quilting to the next level, it’s … Read more

What does HST mean in Quilting?

What does HST mean in Quilting

Do you know, what does HST mean in quilting? Understanding the power of HST is vital to unleashing unlimited quilting potential, and this is true regardless of your level of experience in the craft. In quilting, “HST” stands for “half-square triangle.” It is a basic quilting unit that is created by sewing two squares of … Read more

What does Crosscut mean in Quilting?

What does Crosscut mean in Quilting?

Let your imagination run wild as you experiment with the exciting technique of crosscutting on your quilting projects. Find out how to cut your fabrics in innovative ways to create a quilt with lots of visual interest and character. In quilting, “crosscut” typically refers to the technique of cutting the fabric used to make a … Read more

What does Fussy Cut mean in Quilting?

What does Fussy Cut mean in Quilting?

Fussy cutting does not necessarily has to be fussy. It is a technique that allows you to carefully select the exact part of a fabric print to use in your project, resulting in stunning designs. Aside from its name, you can create intricate patterns to subtle color variations by using this technique. With a little … Read more

What does Subcut mean in Quilting?

What does Subcut mean in Quilting

Well for starters, it is not as scary as it sounds. Subcut simply refers to cutting your quilting fabric into smaller, manageable pieces. So don’t be afraid to get out the scissors and get slicing! With precise sub-cutting, you’ll be on your way to creating quilts that are nothing short of masterpieces. In quilting, “subcut” … Read more

What Does On Point Mean In Quilting?

What does On Point mean in Quilting

On Point in quilting refers to a layout technique that adds a unique twist to your quilt projects. Imagine a diamond-shaped pattern created by rotating your quilt blocks by 45 degrees and setting them diagonally on the quilt, giving your quilt a dynamic and visually interesting look. This technique can be used on a variety … Read more

What Does FMQ Mean In Quilting?

What does FMQ mean in quilting

Do you know what FMQ stands for? Are you ready to take your quilting skills to the next level with FMQ? You can discover the endless possibilities of custom designs and patterns by using FMQ! Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced quilter, FMQ offers the freedom to bring your imagination to life and create … Read more

What does Layer Cake mean in Quilting?

What does layer cake mean in Quilting?

A layer cake is not only a delicious and mouth-watering dessert but it is also used in quilting. Sounds weird? Huh. Layer Cakes are a savory stack of 10×10 pre-cut fabric squares to transform your creativity into an appealing quilt. Usually, these bundles come in a variety of coordinating colors and patterns, perfect for crafting … Read more

What does WOF mean in quilting?

What does WOF mean in Quilting?

WOF is the must-know slang or acronym for all quilters! From beginner to pro, understanding WOF is essential for creating stunning and precise quilts. WOF stands for ‘width of fabric’ and is a term every quilter should know. It is the key to unlocking your fabric’s full potential and creating stunning quilts that will be … Read more

What does UFO mean in Quilting?

UFOs may not always be the mysterious and enigmatic unidentified flying objects soaring through the sky, because in quilting UFO stands for unfinished objects. These unfinished quilting projects, also known as “unfinished objects,” can be a source of frustration and disappointment if they’re not completed, and may even end up getting “trashed” just like an … Read more