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Teresa Moreno | Author

Teresa Moreno

Quilting Expert

Teresa Moreno is a mom of two and loves to spend her free time reading about quilting in general. She loves to explore quilting as a profession and educate other people about quilting. She has almost everything to share about quilting other than reviews and longarm quilting.

Joy Raynor | Author

Joy Raynor

Machine Quilting Expert

Joy Raynor is a longarm quilting expert and has expertise in simple machine quilting as well. She has personally tested and used a lot of quilting machines and loves to share her experience with beginners too. She also loves to participate in quilting shows, events, and quilters community gatherings.

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Our Reviews

Best Computerized Sewing Machine for Quilting

Best Computerized Sewing Machine for Quilting in 2023

In the world of quilting, having a reliable and feature-rich quilting machine is a necessary evil. But on the other hand, …

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Best Sit Down Quilting Machine Reviews

Best Sit-Down Quilting Machine 2023

Are you a quilting enthusiast searching for the perfect machine to elevate your crafting experience? With their stability, control, versatility, and …

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Best Singer Sewing and Quilting Machine Reviews

Best Singer Sewing Machine for Quilting in 2023

Welcome to the world of quilting, where creativity and precision come together to bring your crafting dreams to life! In 2023, …

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King Quilter II Elite Review

Are you in search of a longarm quilting machine that delivers quality and reliability? A longarm that offers advanced features? Have …

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QBOT V3 Quilting System

QBOT V3 Quilting System Review: Is It Worth Considering?

Say goodbye to manual quilting and hello to endless possibilities with automatic quilting. Transform your quilting game with QBOT V3, the …

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Handi Quilter Moxie Review

Handi Quilter Moxie Review: Is It Best For Beginners?

Looking for a powerful yet affordable quilting machine, without breaking the bank? Congratulations you are at the right place. Today, I …

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Longarm Quilting

Used longarm quilting machine

How to buy a used longarm quilting machine?

Longarm quilting machines have gained significant popularity in the quilting community due to their efficiency and ability to handle larger projects …

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How to rent a longarm quilting machine?

Renting a longarm quilting machine offers a cost-effective and flexible solution for both beginners and experienced quilters. To start, research local quilt shops, sewing centers, or studios that offer rentals, and explore online platforms for available options.

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Where to put my longarm quilting machine?

Got your first longarm? Congratulations on acquiring a longarm quilting machine! Now comes the exciting task of finding the ideal space …

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How to practice longarm quilting?

Longarm quilting is a technique that allows quilters to create intricate and beautifully stitched quilts using a specialized longarm quilting machine. …

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Longarm Quilting Swirls

How to do longarm quilt swirls?

Are you wondering how to longarm quilt swirls!? Swirls are a popular and versatile quilting motif that can add depth, texture, …

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How much time does longarm quilting take

How much time does it take to quilt with a longarm?

Quilting is an art that requires patience, skill, and the right tools. With a longarm quilting machine, you can speed up …

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Quilting Guides

How to hang a quilt with a dowel

How to Hang a Quilt with a Dowel?

Add a touch of elegance and warmth to your home by displaying your favorite quilt on the wall! Hanging a quilt …

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How to hang quilt on a rack?

How to Hang a Quilt on a Rack?

Are you looking for a unique and beautiful way to display your treasured quilt? Look no further than hanging it on …

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How to hang a quilt on wall

How to hang a quilt on the wall?

Are you a quilter or just love the aesthetic of quilts? You can easily transform your bare walls into a wonderland …

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How much does time it take to make a quilt?

How long does it take to make a quilt?

From cutting to piecing, quilting to binding, get ready to discover the time-consuming, yet satisfying process of creating a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, …

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What does FAT Quarter mean in Quilting?

What does FAT Quarter mean in Quilting?

Are you new to quilting and curious about FAT Quarters? Look no further! A FAT Quarter is a pre-cut piece of …

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What does HST mean in Quilting

What does HST mean in Quilting?

Do you know, what does HST mean in quilting? Understanding the power of HST is vital to unleashing unlimited quilting potential, …

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