QBOT V3 Quilting System Review: Is It Worth Considering?

Say goodbye to manual quilting and hello to endless possibilities with automatic quilting. Transform your quilting game with QBOT V3, the advanced computerized quilting robot system that makes quilting a breeze. With QBOT V3, you can create intricate and professional-grade designs effortlessly.

QBOT V3 Quilting System is typically easy to install and operate. It comes with a variety of features such as a user-friendly interface, line quilting, mirror image, nesting, pattern quilting, and overlay, which allows for more complex and precise quilting designs making automated quilting at your fingertips. Additionally, the system may be compatible with most studio quilting frames and some quilting frames, and long-arm quilting machines.

In this article, I am going to review the QBOT V3 in detail, what are the prerequisites? The features it offers are supported frames and machines, and the pros and cons. In addition, I will also do a quick comparison with some other quilting systems available in the market, so you can understand better. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

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Prerequisite Requirements

The QBOT V3 comes with certain requirements in order to operate properly.

  • QBOT V3 Compatible Head
  • QBOT V3 App or Pro App
  • Android tablet with an OS 4.1 or higher, and Bluetooth

QBOT compatible Head

The first thing you will need is a compatible QBOT head with a factory-installed communications module and version 3 firmware is essential because the head of the quilt bot is where the sewing needle is located, and it needs to be able to communicate with the rest of the mechanism in order for it to function accurately and appropriately. The communications module is accountable for sending and receiving signals to and from the quilt bot's control system, and the version 3 firmware ensures that the head is compatible with the specific model of QBOT V3  that you have.

QBOT V3 App or Pro App

Secondly, you need to install the QBOT V3 app or purchase the pro app for more functionality. Because though this app you will be able to control and operate the quilt bot. It is available for purchase in the Google Play store, and it allows users to create their own designs, import patterns, and control the QBOT V3's movement. It is important to use the specific app because it is compatible with the QBOT V3 and is designed to work best with that specific version.

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Android tablet with an OS 4.1 or higher, and Bluetooth [Free]

Finally, you will need an Android device/tablet operating system of 4.1 or a more advanced device that is usually but not always given free with the purchase of the QBOT V3. That’s why you need to cross-check and confirm with your dealer if you will be getting one or not. This is because the App communicates with the QBOT head using Bluetooth, and the device or tablet needs to have Bluetooth capability in order to connect to the QBOT head and thus control the quilt bot. Additionally, the device or tablet should be running an operating system of 4.1 or advanced versions, as the App may not be compatible with older versions of the operating system.

QBOT V3 on Mega Quilter Longarm Quilting Machine
QBOT V3 in action

Features of QBOT V3 Computerized Quilting System

Automated Quilting at Your Fingertips

QBOT is an automated quilting system that allows users to create intricate and complex quilted designs swiftly and easily. In addition, it can save quilters time and effort by eliminating the need for manual quilting by the quilter. 

Easy to Install

QBOT V3 is designed to be easy to set up and learn. The installation process is quick, even for a dummy and the learning curve is not steep, making it handy for quilters of all skill levels and experience to thoroughly benefit from its functionalities.

Pre-Installed Quilting Designs

QBOT V3 comes with a variety of pre-installed quilting designs that can be used to quilt and embellish fabrics, making it easy for quilters to add unique designs to their pieces.

Supported File Formats

The QBOT V3 supports almost all the major file formats, so you can easily import or export the designs and edit them without any issues. There are the following formats supported by the QBOT V3:

  • .PDF (printable template)
  • .4qb
  • .iqp
  • .plt
  • .qli

User-Friendly Interface

The interface of Qbit V3 is quite easy to use and very user-friendly. It features a menu-driven design that guides the user step by step through the process of creating and quilting designs. This makes it easy for quilters to learn and use the system accordingly. In addition, it allows the users to organize, store and retrieve quilting designs and patterns easily. Furthermore, users can easily create folders to store different designs and patterns, and can also import designs from other sources. This feature makes it easy for users to find and use the designs they need for their quilting projects.

Line Quilting

By using the line quilting feature, you can easily and precisely create quilted lines and designs without any errors. That way you do not need to manually do the lines correctly and can save sweat and energy. In addition, it also allows users to set the width, spacing and angle of the quilted lines, and to quilt them with precision.

Mirror Image Quilting

Another fantastic feature of QBOT V3 is the mirror image. You can simply draw a design according to your aspiration and need. After that, you can use this feature to create a mirror image of a design, which can be useful for creating symmetrical designs or for creating multiple copies of a quilting design for mass production.

Nesting Designs

Another amazing functionality that this quilt bot offer is nesting. This feature allows users to create designs easily first and then nest multiple designs together, which can be useful for creating more complex designs. In addition, you can also use it to chain multiple designs together, creating a continuous quilting pattern.

Easy Pattern Quilting

QBOT V3 also allows users to quilt patterns with ease. Users can select a pre-loaded pattern or import one of their own, and the quilt bot will quilt the pattern automatically.

Easy Overlay

In case you want to do the intricate design or pattern with multiple layers of the quilt, overlay certainly comes in handy. As this feature allows users to overlay multiple designs on top of one another, creating more complex and intricate designs.

Four-Point Scaling

With the four-point scaling feature, QBOT V3 allows the user to automatically adjust the size and shape of a design when the fabric is rotated or skewed, ensuring that the design is quilted accurately and consistently. This feature is particularly useful for quilters who are working with a large quilt or a quilt that has a complex layout, ensuring that the design is quilted accurately and consistently.

On-Board Rotation

QBOT V3 also has on-board functionality which allows the user to enter the rotation angle and the machine does the rest, making it easy to quilt designs that require rotation.

Record Your Own Designs

QBOT V3 has the ability to record the user's own designs, allowing quilters to quilt their own free-motion designs.

Compatible with Almost All Quilting Frames

QBOT V3 is compatible with most studio quilting frames, allowing quilters to use the system with their existing quilting setup. However, the list of quilting is given below:

Compatible Wooden Frames

  • B-Line
  • Bradley/Ultra Quilter
  • GMQ Pro (Grace)
  • Little Gracie II (Grace)
  • Gracie Queen (Grace)
  • Gracie King (Grace)
  • Hinterberg Original (Stretch and Summit)
  • Falcon (Tin Lizzie)
  • Wood Frame (Tin Lizzie )

Compatible Metal Frames

  • Aloha Quilting System
  • GQ Frame (Grace)
  • iQuilt (Grace)
  • Majestic (Grace)
  • Babylock Pearl (Grace)
  • Inspira Imperial (Grace)
  • Babylock Momentum (Grace)
  • Pinnacle (Grace)
  • h Pro (HandiQuilter)
  • Handi Quilter Studio (HandiQuilter)
  • Handi Quilter Studio 2 (HandiQuilter)
  • Inspira original with upper shelf
  • New Joy Gold Standard
  • Next Generation (Viking)
  • Next Generation (Pfaff)
  • Nolting Pro (Nolting)
  • PX Phoenix (Tin Lizzie)
  • Artistic Freedom Frame (Tin Lizzie)
  • Janome C-Frame (Tin Lizzie)
  • Debutante (Tin Lizzie)
  • Freedom (Tin Lizzie)

Professional Finish

QBOT V3 helps you to design professional-grade quilted designs. Even difficult designs can be easily stitched, resulting in high-quality quilted pieces.

System Requirements

To use QBOT V3, the basic requirements for the QBOT to function properly are as follows:

  • Quilting Frame
  • Quilters Cruise Control
  • Stitch-Regulator 
  • Quilting Machine

Compatible Longarm Quilting Machines with QBOT V3 Quilting System

There are the following machines compatible with QBOT V3:

  • Artistic Liberty 18-8
  • Babylock Coronet2
  • Babylock Crown Jewel
  • Babylock Crown Jewel II
  • Babylock Crown Jewel III
  • Babylock Jewel
  • Babylock Quilter's Choice Professional3
  • Bernina – some models equipped with BSR
  • Brother 13003, 15003
  • Elna 7200+
  • ABM Innova2 – 18, 22, 26
  • Aloha Quilting System
  • Bernina Q201, Q241
  • Gammill Classic 1,2, 
  • Gammill Classic Plus1,2
  • Gammill Optimum1,2,
  • Gammill Optimum Plus 1,2
  • Gammill Premier Plus 1,2
  • Nolting Pro Series
  • Prodigy Quilter 242
  • Empress Quilter1 by Tin Lizzie
  • Fun Quilter by Nolting
  • GrandQuilter 18.8 by Pfaff
  • Hobby 1200/Grandquilter by Pfaff3
  • Handi Quilter Moxie
  • Handi Quilter 16 – (certain models – contact Support)
  • Handi Quilter Simply Sixteen on Handi Quilter Studio Frame2
  • Handi Quilter Avante
  • Handi Quilter Amara
  • Handi Quilter Fusion2
  • Hinterberg Indigo 19
  • Indigo 19 by Hinterberg
  • Janome 16003, 65003, 66003
  • Janome Artistic Quilter 18, 26
  • Janome Artistic Quilter 18-8DX
  • Janome Artistic Quilter 26-8DX, 26DX
  • Juki 2000 series3
  • Juki TL98E3, TL98Q3, TL98QE3
  • King Quilter 18×8, King Quilter 26 inch
  • King Quilter II 
  • King Quilter II Elite
  • King Quilter Encore 18×8
  • King Quilter SE – 18, 26
  • King Quilter LE 18×8
  • Liberty 18-8
  • Mega Quilter 18×8 by Viking
  • Mega Quilter mid-arm by Viking3
  • Pfaff PowerQuilter™ P32
  • Quilter’s Pro, Quilter’s Pro Deluxe
  • Tin Lizzie 18 LS, DLS2
  • Tin Lizzie Ansley
  • Tin Lizzie Apprentice
  • Tin Lizzie18ESP SE
  • Tin Lizzie Original1
  • Tin Lizzie Queen Quilter1
  • Tin Lizzie Ram, ESP
  • Viking Platinum™ 30002
  • Voyager 171 – equipped with SLR

Pros of QBOT V3 Quilting System

There are the following pros of the QBOT V3 Quilting System:

Automated Quick Quilting

QBOT V3 allows users to create intricate quilted designs quickly and easily, eliminating the need for manual quilting and saving time and effort.

Easy to Use

The QBOT V3 features a user-friendly interface that guides users through every step of the quilting process which makes it suitable and easy to use for quilters of all skill levels to use.

Accuracy and Professional Finish

You can easily make even the intricate design with in-depth detail and accuracy with the QBOT V3 as it features four-point scaling and on-board rotation. With these features QBOT V3 ensures accuracy regardless of how the quilt block is rotated or skewed, resulting in a more professional and consistent finish. As the QBOT V3 is also designed to produce professional-grade quilted designs, even for difficult designs.

Compatible Price

Compared to other computerized quilting machines, or other brand’s quilting robot system, the price of QBOT V3 is less with advanced features. In addition, it is also compatible with almost all brands’ quilting machines and frames. That makes it a good option for quilters who want advanced functionality at a reasonable price.

Cons of QBOT V3 Quilting System

There are the following cons of QBOT V3:

Customer Support

Customer support is definitely the downside of QBOT V3 and the company needs to improve its customer support in order to ensure customer satisfaction and retain customers. As you might face long wait times, unhelpful or unresponsive support staff, lack of knowledge about the QBOT V3, or difficulty in reaching the support team. This can lead to frustration and dissatisfaction and negatively impact your experience.


You need to be careful while paying with your card. If you have done the transaction and it is not showing up, kindly wait a bit or contact customer support before doing the transaction to be on the safe side. Because once when I was paying for the app, I did the transaction twice and they charged me twice on my card instead of one time. However, as this happened once only so it can be caused by technical errors, such as a malfunctioning payment system, but I was not refunded or anything. So, please be careful.

QBOT V3 Vs QMQ Creative Touch 5 Vs Handi Quilter Pro-Stitcher

Here is a comparison table of Quilt Motion Quilters Creative Touch 5, QBOT V3, and Handi Quilter Pro-Stitcher:

FeatureQBOT V3Quilt Motion Quilters Creative Touch 5HQ Pro-Stitcher
Automated QuiltingYesYesYes
User-Friendly InterfaceYesYesYes
Professional ResultsYesYesYes
Four-Point ScalingYesYesNo
On-board RotationYesNoNo
Record Your Own DesignsYesNoYes
Quilting Designs IncludedYesNoYes
Compatible with most Studio Quilting FramesYesYesYes
System RequirementsQuilting Frame or Stitch Regulated Quilting Machine, Android device/tabletQuilting Frame or Longarm Quilting MachineQuilting Frame or Longarm Quilting Machine

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the QBOT V3?

The QBOT V3 is an automatic computerized quilting robot that uses a sewing needle to create quilted designs on fabric automatically. It is designed to automate the quilting process and to create professional-grade quilted designs quickly and easily.

What are the system requirements for the QBOT V3?

To use the QBOT V3, you will need a quilting frame, Quilters Cruise Control, or a stitch-regulated quilting machine. Additionally, you will need an Android device/tablet with Bluetooth connectivity and an operating system of 4.1 or later to run the QBOT V3 App or QBOT V3 Pro App, which is used to control and operate the quilt bot.

Can I create my own designs with the QBOT V3?

Yes, the QBOT V3 allows users to create their own designs, import patterns, and record their own free-motion quilting. The QBOT V3 App or QBOT V3 Pro App allows users to create their own designs and patterns, or import patterns from other sources.

How does the four-point scaling feature help quilter in QBOT V3?

The four-point scaling feature uses four reference points on the fabric to calculate the size and shape of a design automatically. As these reference points are typically located at the corners of the quilt block, and they are used to determine the size and orientation of the design. That way QBOT V3 ensures that the design is quilted accurately and consistently in this way the quilter does not have to do much effort manually thus saving time and energy.

Is the QBOT V3 easy to use?

Yes, the QBOT V3 is designed to be easy to set up and learn, with a user-friendly design and menu-driven interface that leads users step by step through the quilting process. However, some technical understanding of how the machine works is required to operate it and it might be a bit challenging for some quilters.

How much does the QBOT V3 cost?

According to Sewing Machines Plus, it costs around $5,199.00. However, the cost of the QBOT V3 can vary depending on the shipment charges and taxes. It is compatible with an industrial-grade machine, still, it is cheaper compared to other options available in the market thus making it inaccessible to some quilters. However, it is always a good idea to research the product, and vendor before making a purchase, to be sure that you are getting the best quality product at a fair price.

Is the QBOT V3 compatible with other quilting frames?

Yes, the QBOT V3 is compatible with all major studio quilting frames including the top players in making frames like Grace and Handi-Quilter. In addition, it is also compatible with other high-end brand frames like Nolting, etc. However, it is always recommended to double-check with the manufacturer or vendor to ensure compatibility with your specific quilting frame.

Is there a warranty for QBOT V3?

Yes, you will get the 5 years warranty for QBOT V3. However, it depends. If you purchased QBOT V3 from an authorized dealer then you can claim a warranty. It is always recommended to check the warranty terms and conditions before making a purchase.

Can I update the firmware on my QBOT V3?

Yes, firmware updates may be available for the QBOT V3 and can be done through the QBOT V3 App or QBOT V3 Pro App. It's always recommended to check with the manufacturer or vendor for the availability of firmware updates and the instructions on how to update it.

Can I use the QBOT V3 for longarm quilting?

The QBOT V3 is designed to work with most studio quilting frames, so it can be used for long-arm quilting as long as it is compatible with your specific quilting frame.

Wrap Up

To wrap it up, QBOT V3 is the best balance product that offers the most advanced features at a reasonable price. QBOT V3 is a powerful tool that can help quilters and textile artists create intricate designs and patterns quickly and efficiently. They can be used to create unique and beautiful quilted pieces that would be difficult or impossible to create by hand.

If you like the article, do share and comment. I would be happy to hear from you. Still, have questions? Please ask in the comment box below, I will be happy to help you.


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